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"Analysis can have for its goal only the advent of a true speech and the realization by the subject of his history in his relation to a future"


Jacques Lacan.


The Function and Field of Speech and language in Psychoanalysis. (1953)

Lacanian Psychoanalysis is a practice where the analyst lends himself to an attentive listening of the person’s speech. This particular listening will inevitably cause effects to the subject being listened to. Thanks to a shared, regular and comitted work, new words will emerge in the person’s discourse, transforming his own story and establishing certain distance with that which provoqued his suffering.


At the beginning of the treatment there are a number of preliminary sessions. These sessions have the aim of making an initial contact with the life’s history of the person and will determine the particular characteristics of the treatment, such as, the number of sessions per week, the session fee (which will be fixed according to the personal economic situation), etc.


Lacanian psychoanalysis is characterised by its variable time sessions (Max 50 minutes) which are determined by the person’s speech and not by the clock.



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