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The   bond   is   the   intensive   emotional

attatchment   established    between   the

parents and their baby.                             .      


The  majority  of  infants are immediately

prepared  to  attatch  themselves  to their

mother. Parents,  on the other hand,  can

present  ambivalent  feelings towards the

baby.                                                               .


From gestation to two years old is what is

called ‘the mother’s period’, the mum and baby dyad, characterised by strong  attachment as well as distance and isolation from the outside world.


The formation of this particular bond is not something given. It takes time and dedication. It has a gradual development with its subsequent crisis or moments of separation and differentiation.


During pregnacy and after the birth, women experience huge changes in their bodies as well as in their social and family environment, triggering in particular cases in which these changes are not well assimilated, depressive and anxiety states, and some other more acute mental health problems; problems that ultimately can affect the infant and mother’s health.


Following the approach of the eminent French psychoanalyst Francoise Dolto, I invite to my consulting room all pregnant mothers, mothers with their babies and their partners, to a space where they are going to be welcomed and listened to, facilitating in this way the capacity of listening and speaking to their own babies when this has been disturbed by a particular crisis. This is an essential condition for the well physical and psychical development of their infants and for parents themselves.

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